Welcome to our site!

Welcome to our site!

School Start – August 26, 2020
We are having a “soft” school start this week as our Chromebooks are just getting finalized with the programs/apps they need. Teachers and staff will be communicating with students to build relationships/connections this week. The goal for this week is to get Chromebooks out to students and teach them how to get signed in and use the Chromebooks. Assignments will be minimal.

The Ojibwe Schools are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment based on Anishinaabe values and traditions. We emphasize a challenging education with high expectations that empower ALL students to become respectful, responsible, and life-long learners.


2020-21 School Year Preparedness Plan: The FDL Ojibwe School will now be Opening in Phase 1 of the Preparedness Plan. This means all students will be distance learning. The school will provide Chromebooks, and hot spots if needed, to all students for the 2020-2021 school year.

We understand that this is a stressful time for all of you. We certainly miss seeing our students. Please continue to wear masks, wash hands, and social distance.

FDLOS Preparedness Plan

2020-21 Enrollment Forms: The 2020 - 2021 School Year Enrollment Forms are now available on the Parents page of our website. Click here to go to the Parents page.

Mission Statement

The Ojibwe Schools are dedicated to providing a quality education, which focuses on integrating the Ojibwe culture into all students’ learning experiences. Every learner will have the opportunity to be challenged, to succeed, and to be prepared for the future. Parents, staff, community, and students will demonstrate the highest level of expectations for themselves and the school.

School Motto:

Anokii, Nanda-gikendan, Enigok gagwe, Gashkitoon
Work, Study, Strive, Succeed


2020-2021 School Calendar - In order to keep families healthy, large and public activities will not be held. This includes activities such as the Pokey Jaris Paro powwow, Veteran's Day celebration, and other activities. We will keep you informed of changes as the year progresses.

2020-2021 Parent/Family/Student Handbook

2020-2021 Testing Schedule coming soon